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2G2531 25" Deep, 2-Drawer Legal Fireproof, Water, & Impact Resistant File Cabinet By Sentry Safe

2G2531 25" Deep, 2-Drawer Legal Fireproof, Water, & Impact Resistant File Cabinet By Sentry Safeclick image to enlarge
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Sentry Safe 2G2531 25" Deep, 2-Drawer Legal Fireproof, Water, & Impact Resistant File Cabinet. INCLUDES DIGITAL MEDIA CHEST!

With its unprecedented water resistance and heavy duty fire resistance the Sentry 2G2531 2 Drawer Fire, Water & Impact Resistant File Safe is ideal for protecting documents and records from fire or water damage. It was independently tested by Intertek for its water resistance and rated by the Underwriter's Laboratory for 1 hour fire resistance, explosion resistance, and impact resistance. Its UL fire rating is for 1 hour in temperatures up to 1700ºF, along with its UL explosion rating for a 2000ºF explosion, and the UL impact rating for a 30 foot drop in addition to a 1550ºF fire resistance test. The 2G2531 can accommodate a variety of file sizes such as legal, A-4, folio, and letter size files in the same cabinet without the need for additional costly accessories and features a lock/no-lock mechanism that allows a user to enable a drawer to stay unlocked while other drawers remain locked.

All fire resistant insulation requires water in order to prevent the spread of fire. Insulite™, Sentry’s trademarked air-dried insulating composite’s water is chemically bound. This means insulation contains no free water. The competitor’s oven dried insulation has a small amount of free water, which can evaporate over time, thus losing it’s protective ability. Insulite™ contains no asbestos and NEVER dries out or loses its protective ability over time, so breathe easy—you, your vital records, and your environment are protected with a Sentry fire proof fi ling cabinet. Each drawer is individually encased by its own inner steel drawer vault that not only aids in preventing dusting insulation from contaminating your records, it also helps to eliminate the spread of fire from one drawer to another. This feature also prevents entry from an unlocked compartment to a locked one. Sentry’s unique seamless design provides further protection against otherwise undetected forced entry.


  • Impact: UL Classified 30-foot drop test -- eqivalent to falling two stories; contents remain intact and locked
  • Lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee
  • Manufacturer's limited warranty
  • UL Classified explosion hazard resistance against explosions in case of sudden exposure to intense heat
  • UL Classified fire endurance 1-hour at 1700° F
  • Water-resistant
  • Medeco high security lock protects against picking, drilling and other forms of physical attack. Highest UL rating in the lock industry
  • Drawer-specific "lock/unlock" provision provides additional security by isolating access to specific drawers
  • Lined interior conceals cabinet insulation and protects contents from unwanted dust
  • Rugged suspension system design ensures smooth and easy drawer movement -- even when fully loaded
  • Drawer layout flexibility accommodates legal and letter size hanging file folders
  • Seamless design provides a sleek, attractive high-end appearance
  • Easy-to-use recessed handles with label holders
  • Interior Storage Capacity 3.6 Cubic Feet
  • Number of Drawers 2
  • Fire Resistant up to ºF 1700
  • Fire Resistant for (Minutes) 60
  • Waterproof Yes
  • Waterproof up to Constant Spray / 1hr
  • U.L. Certified Yes
  • Interior Dimensions (H x W x D) 20.5" x 15.13" x 20"
  • Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D) 27.56" x 19.63" x 25"
  • Product Weight 284 lbs

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