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75 Ultraviolet Counterfeit Bill Detector By Intelli-Count

75 Ultraviolet Counterfeit Bill Detector By Intelli-Countclick image to enlarge
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Intelli-Count 75 Ultraviolet Counterfeit Bill Detector

The Intelli-Count 75 is one of the most popular counterfeit bill detectors we offer. This all-in-one station includes four different counterfeit detection tools that will help you catch just about any counterfeit money in circulation. This is a great way to crack down on counterfeit bills and save your business money. Simply plug this unit in and begin using it. It includes an MG (magnetic) ink detector, found on the front right of the machine. This detector can sense the magnetic inks used in legitimate US currency. It also includes a WM (watermark) backlit light and a UV (ultraviolet) light that will highlight special strips found in legitimate currency. A magnifying glass, found on the top of the unit, can also be used to further analyze bills. This is a great price and a solid unit. Buy your Intelli-Count 75 from USA Office Machines today!


  • Currency Accepted Any currency
  • Detection 2 6W UV lamps (12W), Magnetic head, Florescent tube (Water mark), Integrated magnifier
  • Dimensions 10" x 4 3/4" x 4 1/4" (254 mm x 120.65 mm x 107.95 mm)
  • Shipping Weight 3 lb.
  • Warranty One year
  • Two powerful 6W UV lamps (12 W) make counterfeit detection easy.
  • Equipped with watermark verification window and a magnetic detection device.
  • Designed to protect the operator from direct eye exposure to the UV rays.

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