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Coinmate delivers a variety of currency counting products for home and office use. If you’re shopping for a currency counter with integrated counterfeit detection, a high speed coin counter or a basic currency counting product, you can count on Coinmate to be your solution.

The CoinMate BC-100 One Speed Digital Currency Counter is ideal for small businesses or personal use, and its bank quality BC-15UV Bank Quality Currency Counting Machine suits businesses that handle high volumes of cash and need it counted quickly. In fact, it can count an amazing 800 notes per minute!

Invest in a USA Office Machine Coinmate currency counting or detection product today and take the hassle and error out of cash management forever.

Have a question about a Coinmate currency product? Need help finding the best Coinmate currency product to suit your needs? Our knowledgeable customer service team is waiting to assist you. Please call us at 800-720-2082.

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