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Swingline is a respected name in office supplies and office machines. Swingline paper shredders are no exception.

USA Office Machines offers you competitive prices on Swingline paper shredders. From heavy duty models like the Swingline LX30-55 Large Office Cross-Cut Shredder, thatís ultra quiet and has a 30 sheet capacity for large volumes of paper, to Swinglineís hands-free Stack-and-Shred 500X Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder that allows you to stack up to 500 sheets of paper, and forget it! Swingline also makes a range of light duty strip cut and light duty cross cut paper shredders.

USA Office Machine carries Swingline paper shredder supplies, such as Swingline ShredMaster Paper Recycling Bags. USA Office Machines and Swingline know you donít have time for messy clean-up tasks. Thatís why we offer you shredder bags that fit snuggly inside the paper shredder dispenser. Say goodbye to those messy paper pieces!

Have a question about Swingline paper shredders? Need help finding the best Swingline paper shredder to suit your needs? Our knowledgeable customer service team is waiting to assist you. Please call us at 800-720-2082.

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