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Intelli-Zone Paper Shredders

From six to twenty sheet capacity, USA Office Machines offers a solid selection of Intelli-Zone paper shredders. Easy to empty waste bins, narrow design and durability are the hallmarks of Intelli-Zone paper shredders.

The Intelli-Zone ST-10C Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is compact and sleek looking and able to shred credit cards and up to 10 sheets at a time; the Intelli-Zone ST-6M Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is a quiet, yet strong paper shredder that offers a bit more security than typical home or small office paper shredders, and it even can tackle credit cards, paper clips and staples; the Intelli-Zone ET-15M Level 4 Paper Shredder features the micro-cut shredding technique, can handle 15 sheets at a time and is perfect for light to medium shredding.

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