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Martin Yale Premier Paper Folders

USA Office Machines is proud to feature top-quality Martin Yale paper folding machines. With a folding machine to fit nearly every budget, we can help you find just the right Martin Yale folding machine for your needs.

The Martin Yale® Model 1217A Medium-Duty AutoFolder is the right choice for medium to large size folding jobs, customized folds, and can handle paper weights from 16 lb. to 135 lb. From desktop paper folding machines, to heavy-duty paper folding machines that can process up to 18000 sheets per hour, Martin Yale has a folding machine that’s ready to work for you.

Paper folding isn’t smart use of your human resource. Invest in a Martin Yale paper folder, and let it work for you.

Have a question about a Martin Yale paper folding machine? Need help finding the best Martin Yale paper folding machine to suit your needs? Our knowledgeable customer service team is waiting to assist you. Please call us at 800-720-2082.
1601 Automatic Paper Folding Machine **LIMITED STOCK** By Martin Yale
Item #: martin-yale-1601
Reg. $1,895.00
Sale $500.99
(You Save 74%)
Model 1501X (CV-7) AutoFolder, 8000 Sheets/Hour By PREMIER MARTIN YALE
Item #: PRE1501X
Reg. $1,249.00
Sale $690.99
(You Save 45%)
Model 959 Heavy-Duty AutoFolder, 18000 Sheets/Hour By PREMIER MARTIN YALE
Item #: PRE959
Reg. $4,559.00
Sale $4,130.99
(You Save 9%)
Model 1217A Medium-Duty AutoFolder, 10300 Sheets/Hour PRE1217A By PREMIER MARTIN YALE
Item #: PRE1217A
Reg. $2,200.00
Sale $1,200.99
(You Save 45%)
Model P6200 Desktop Paper Folder, 1800 Sheets/Hour By PREMIER MARTIN YALE
Item #: PREP6200
Reg. $465.00
Sale $349.95
(You Save 25%)
Model P6400 Desktop Paper Folder, 2200 Sheets/Hour By PREMIER MARTIN YALE
Item #: PREP6400
Reg. $799.00
Sale $349.00
(You Save 56%)