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Looking for peace of mind? USA Office Machines makes Intek heavy-duty strip-cut shredders, light-duty micro-cut shredders, and shredders that can handle credit cards, CDs and DVDs- giving you the peace of mind you want and security you need. Intek specializes in Ultra-Quiet™ paper shredder technology- so no matter how often your Intek paper shredder is running, it won’t disrupt the office.

Intek’s GMW100P Light-Duty Deskside Micro-Cut Shredder has a 10 sheet capacity that is perfect for home use, or desk-side duty at the office. It even offers a slot for credit card, DVD/CD shredding- and keeps these items separate from the paper waste. If a commercial grade shredder is what you need, then take a look at Intek’s AutoShred S700 Continuous-Duty Office Micro-Cut Shredder. This powerful shredder feeds and shreds 700 sheets of paper at a time and it’s PIN-protected, so shredding access is limited to authorized personnel. Whatever your need, Intek makes paper shredding more efficient with its variety of hard-working, durable paper shredding machines.

Have a question about Intek paper shredders? Need help finding the best Intek paper shredder to suit your needs? Our knowledgeable customer service team is waiting to assist you. Please call us at 800-720-2082.

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