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8130 Heavy Duty Desktop Printing Calculator, Black By Monroe

8130 Heavy Duty Desktop Printing Calculator, Black By Monroeclick image to enlarge
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Monroe 8130 Heavy Duty Desktop Printing Calculator, Black

A new standard for heavy-duty desktop calculators. Like all Monroe calculators, the 8130 calculator comes with a built-in feature no other machine can offer: years of experience dating back to 1912. Experience gained by decades of listening to customers, analyzing calculation needs, and then designing and building machines that answered those needs.


  • Larger Easy-to-Read Display. Used in conjunction with, or independent of printed output.
  • Automatic Punctuation and Grouping. For hundreds, thousands, etc.
  • Non-Add/Date Key. Four function ability: 1) date format with space between month, day and year, 2) non-add entry, 3) store and recall the date or an amount, or 4) override display to print amount.
  • Automatic Clearance. When turned on, an indication prints showing all registers are cleared.
  • Error Indication. Prints when a mathematically impossible operation is attempted, such as dividing by zero; automatically clears only the affected register.
  • Red Print. All credit entries and negative results.
  • Storage. Accumulator, GT Register, 1 Memory Register, 3 N-Count Registers, Calculator Register and #/Date Register.
  • Independent Group & Grand Totals. Addition/subtraction totals and multiplication/division results.
  • Square Root Function.
  • Percent Key. Add-on and discount capability.
  • Indicator Lamps. Accumulator, GT and Memory Registers.
  • Clear Accumulator Indicator. Unique symbol *+ for addition *- for subtraction that prints with the first entry into the Accumulator.
  • Electronic Keyboard Interlocks. Prevents double entry when two or more keys are depressed simultaneously.
  • Overflow Indication. Prints when any numeric entry or result exceeds the capacity of any register. Automatically clears only the affected register.
  • Internal Paper Roll. Protects paper tape from tearing, dust, feathering, obstruction, etc.
  • Markup
  • Percent Change
  • TAX
  • N-Count with N-Count Correction
  • 5/4 Rounding
  • Automatic Constants
  • Repeat Addition and Subtraction
  • Sequential Calculation Indicators
  • Backout Key. Deletes live digits in the display one digit at a time.
  • Units/Price Mode. Decimal at Add Mode (+), allows operator to enter units and prices without worrying about depression of decimal key for dollars and cents.
  • Paper Saver Mode. Turn off all additional blank spacing except for a single additional space after a depression of the Total Key.
  • Calculating Capacity 12 digits
  • Print Speed 5.0 lines per second
  • Print Height .12"/3 mm
  • Print On/Off Switch Simultaneous print & display, or display only
  • Paper Advance Speed 13 lines per second
  • Independent Memory 1
  • Decimal Selector +, F, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 with decimal override
  • Output Fixed or floating
  • Input Floating
  • Keyboard 15 level buffered
  • Rollover 2 keys
  • Dimensions (inches) 9.5" (W) x 15.3" (D) x 3.7" (H)
  • Dimensions (millimeters) 241 mm (W) x 388 mm (D) x 94 mm (H)
  • Weight 4 lbs. 14 oz./2.19 kg
  • Power Requirements 115V AC, 50/60 Hz (Standard)
  • Price/Price Mode
  • Paper Saver Mode
  • Price/Units Mode
  • Set Round Option to Truncate
  • Units/Units Mode
  • Set Round Option to Round Up
  • Summations (x & totals)
  • Set Identifier for Each Entry
  • Running Subtotal on Printer
  • Variable Add Mode
  • Two-Column Addition
  • Nickel Rounding
  • Underflow
  • Extended Capacity
  • Reverse Underflow
  • Calculator Mode Correction

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