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ATRx - ProxTime Package - 100 Employees By Acroprint

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Acroprint ATRx - ProxTime Package - 100 Employees. Affordably priced ATRx ProxTime™ is a complete time and attendance system featuring a sleek and functional proximity badge terminal that will compliment any office environment. Punch in and out at one single pc and/or the ProxTime Terminal powered by Attendance Rx Software.


  • Attendance Rx time and attendance software.
  • ATRx10 proximity terminal.
  • 15 proximity badges.
  • 50 feet of cable and adaptor.
  • Administrator can view an In/Out Board. It's easy to see who is in or out of the office.
  • Supervisor can edit and approve the electronic time cards at the PC. Eliminates more paperwork and speeds up the payroll process.
  • Automatically calculates hours worked, and timecard editing and reports are all run at the PC. Saves time preparing payroll.
  • Interfaces with Acroprint's HRx Human Resource package and third party payroll packages. Gives the small business owner all that is needed to manage and track the employees.
  • Two classes of overtime, 7th day overtime for Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly and Monthly Pay periods. No need to change the way you handle payroll Attendance Rx lets the business owner continue to select the way employee's time is tracked.
  • Also tracks exempt employee's sick time, vacation and holidays. No more paperwork for exempt or non-exempt; everyone can use Attendance Rx.
  • Allows for employee data exchange between Attendance Rx and QuickBooks. Enter the data in either system and it will seamlessly be entered into both.
  • Employees clock in and out simply by waving their badge. Eliminates the need to constantly reorder paper time cards and the Proximity badges are more durable than magnetic stripe or bar code badges.
  • The ATRx ProxTime terminal also allows employees to clock in and out by using the keypad. It gives employees the ability to clock in or out even without their badge.
  • ATRx ProxTime can support multiple terminals. Allows your employees to punch in and out at different locations within your facility.

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