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Tennsco is a leader in the multimedia cabinet industry, and as a consumer who is concerned about the environment youíll be glad to know that Tennsco products are Green too!

Thatís right, Tennsco products are recyclable. In fact, Tennsco pre-consumer recycled content varies between 20%-81%, post-consumer recycled content varies between 19%-80% and the total recycled content varies between 25%-90%. And Tennsco packaging also contains recycled content. Youíll not only get a quality storage product, youíll feel good about where it comes from and where itís going.

Youíll make Mother Earth smile when you purchase a Tennscoís 8-Drawer File Cabinet that offers durable steel construction for maximum strength and durability for storage of audio and dictation cassettes and microfiche. Or, when you invest in Tennscoís 7-Drawer Multimedia Cabinet that boasts a 38,100 card capacity for tab cards, mag cards, video cassettes and CDs. Tennsco also manufactures a 6-Drawer File Cabinet.

Whether your multimedia storage needs are large or small, you can count on USA Office Machines to stock the ideal Tennsco storage product for the job. Remember, UPS Ground Shipping is always free on orders over $149!

Have a question about a Tennsco multimedia cabinet? Need help finding the best Tennsco multimedia cabinet to suit your needs? Our knowledgeable customer service team is waiting to assist you. Please call us at 800-720-2082.

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