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T9100CP Server Paging System Cancel Panel By LRS

T9100CP Server Paging System Cancel Panel By LRS

Item # T9100CP
Brand: LRS (Long Range Systems)
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LRS T9100CP Server Paging System Cancel Panel

The World’s First Wireless Cancel Panel

The T9100CP wireless cancel panel operates with the T9100 and T9101 server paging transmitters*. It requires servers to come to the kitchen or pickup area and "cancel" their page once they’ve picked up an order.

If the server doesn't cancel their page, they will automatically be re-paged until they do. If the server is busy and can’t return after three re-pages, the T9100CP will automatically page the manager so he or another server can help deliver the order.

With the T9100CP, you can even install multiple paging stations within a single larger restaurant. When a server is paged at any location, their number is displayed on all transmitters immediately. The server can be told where to go by sending one, two or three vibrations to our server pagers.


  • World’s First Wireless Cancel Panel – You can re-program pager numbers wirelessly from the transmitter
  • Also lets you page up to 99 servers directly from cancel panel
  • UHF Frequency – Uses 467.7500 MHz for better signal penetration of walls and floors (International frequencies available)
  • Interfaces directly to T9100 and T9101 transmitters
  • Can be configured back-to-back for window operation
  • Capacitive Buttons - Touch Sensitive
  • Multiple Vibration Modes - Vibe 1, 2, 3
  • Multiple bracket configurations
  • Built-In Clock
  • All-Page Button #86
  • Multiple Cancel Panels can be used
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • We Are The Manufacturer – LRS designs and controls the manufacturing and quality of all our products
  • Free 24/7 Live Technical Support Line
  • Lifetime Warranties – ServerCare programs available
  • The T9100CP does not operate on it’s own. It must be used with a T9100 or T9101 transmitter
  • Overall size: 5 " x 12 " x 2 " deep (without antennas)
  • Enables features of the T9100 and T9101 such as, manager page, auto-repage.
  • Cancel panel can be mounted in several configurations to meet your needs.
  • Requires servers to acknowledge their page and return to the kitchen
  • Pages manager if food is not picked up after 3 paging attempts
  • Repages the server automatically if they don't pick up order right away


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