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Canon calculators and adding machines will transform your everyday calculating tasks. Thatís because Canon calculators offer the most asked for calculator features, such as sleek yet ergonomic design, up to 14 digit displays, and a calculator that is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Canonís compact calculators are light-weight, portable, yet incredibly functional- making Canon the perfect choice for those who are on-the-go. Canon also offers a number of printing calculators, including the familiar desk-top model, commercial printing calculators and convenient palm printing calculators.

Whether youíre tallying up yard sale earnings, or pushing out payroll, Canon calculators can!

Have a question about a Canon calculator? Need help finding the best Canon calculator to suit your needs? Our knowledgeable customer service team is waiting to assist you. Please call us at 800-720-2082.
CNM7438A023AA HS1200TS Minidesk Calculator, 12-Digit LCD By CANON USA, INC.
Item #: CNM7438A023AA
Reg. $13.95
Sale $12.08
(You Save 13%)
CNM4087A005AA WS1400H Minidesk Calculator, 14-Digit LCD By CANON USA, INC.
Item #: CNM4087A005AA
Reg. $29.95
Sale $25.31
(You Save 15%)
CNM4075A007AA LS82Z Minidesk Calculator, 8-Digit LCD By CANON USA, INC.
Item #: CNM4075A007AA
Reg. $9.95
Sale $7.60
(You Save 24%)
CNM1072B008 TS1200TG Desktop Calculator, 12-Digit LCD By CANON USA, INC.
Item #: CNM1072B008
Reg. $24.95
Sale $19.71
(You Save 21%)
CNM1075B004 LS154TG Handheld Calculator, 12-Digit LCD By CANON USA, INC.
Item #: CNM1075B004
Reg. $12.95
Sale $10.57
(You Save 18%)
CNMP23DHVG P23-DHVG 12-Digit Two-Color Printing Calculator, White By CANON USA, INC. refurbished
Item #: CNMP23DHVG-refurbished
Reg. $49.95
Sale $30.33
(You Save 39%)