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timeQplus Barcode System By Acroprint

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Acroprint timeQplus Barcode System

Acroprint timeQplus Barcode System with Network Software for 50 employee capacity (maximum to 250). Terminal has memory, simply poll terminals to get the data and use multiple barcode terminals or mix and match with other timeqplus terminals. The terminal will accept employee entries by either barcode badge or keypad entry. Stand-alone option-USB port allows data transfer using a USB flash drive or thumb drive.

Kit Includes: timeQplus Software (50 employees), TQ600BC Barcode Terminal, 6' Ethernet Cable, 15 Barcode Badges, Power Supply and Mounting Bracket


  • Cuts payroll preparation time and eliminates clerical errors
  • Automatically calculates hours worked and exports to most popular payroll software and services, including ADP®, Paychex® and QuickBooks®.
  • Improved! Quick, do-it-yourself installation
  • A helpful user manual and built-in software “Wizards” guide you through configuring the software. Hardware installation tools make setting up terminals virtually painless. You can be up and running in minutes with no expensive consultants needed.
  • Flexible configuration to suit your business or organization
  • New! Track job costing with work codes.
  • Two classes of overtime plus 7th day overtime.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay periods.
  • Up to 12 shifts or work groups, each with their own standard start / stop times and lunch rules.
  • Software interface and terminals configurable in your choice of English, Spanish or French.
  • Robust reporting and management features
  • New! Displays hours worked and in/out status on terminal when employee clocks in or out.
  • Calculates, displays and prints a range of reports to help you proactively manage labor costs.
  • Includes an electronic In/Out board.
  • Supervisors can easily review, edit and approve time at the PC.
  • Works for hourly and salaried employees
  • Records hours worked for overtime-eligible employees, and records sick time, vacation, holidays and other absences for exempt employees.

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